Relaxation Massage

This type massage includes light to medium pressure with the main focus being to increase stress relief and relaxation.

  • 60-minute Massage $60
  • 90-minute Massage $85

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage incorporates a medium to deep pressure on areas of the body where there is a dysfunction, soreness or where stress is felt to gather. By focusing on these areas massage can improve your well being by alleviating pain, soreness and tension.

  • 60-minute Massage $70
  • 90-minute Massage $99

Prenatal Massage

For expectant mothers, prenatal massage can help ease the body through the many changes that will be experienced. By helping circulation and tense areas, massage can offer a mental and physical break from what can be an enjoyable but exhausting process as an expectant mother.

  • 60-minute Massage $55

Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy warm basalt stones applied throughout the massage. The warm stones add a penetrating heat to the muscle layers for a deeper relaxation than a normal massage. As an added benefit the warm stones help with muscle soreness and add a relaxing weight to the pressure. Perfect for the cold months of the year, hot stone massage will relax and help keep you warm during the winter months.

  • 90-minute Massage $95

Reflexology Treatment

This specific treatment works through the reflex points on the face, ears, hands and feet. Hot towels are used during the session to enhance the active work on the reflex points.

  • 30-minute Treatment $40
  • 45-minute Treatment $50

Craniosacral Session

Using very light pressure and holding positions this technique uses the body’s own healing resourcefulness to facilitate movement within.  Consultation is suggested if you are interested in this modality.

  • Approximately 60-minute Session $70

Sports Massage

Sports massage is utilized before, during or after a sporting event.  Sessions vary greatly depending on what is needed. You can increase your stamina and strength while keeping the muscles healthy while receiving benefits such as a decrease in soreness and increase in workout abilities.

  • 60-minute Massage $70

Ear Candling

Any complications with allergies or ear stuffiness could be helped with this method. Tall tapered hollow candles are used in the ear canal to help relieve stuffiness by creating a vacuum.

  • Approximately 45-minute Session $40


Silicone massage cups are applied to the muscles to create a negative pressure within the tissues. With an upward pull on the tissues this method is very effective in helping to find “knots” and smoothing connective tissues throughout.  This method may also cause bruising due to the pull of muscles and blood to the areas.  However, bruising does not always occur and will dissipate. This method is great for therapeutic sessions.

  • 30-minute Therapeutic Professional Cupping Session $45
  • Integrated into a Massage Session is $20 additionally

Vibrational Sound Massage

Using specially made therapeutic singing bowls this session is very versatile and can be used outside of the body, alongside the body on the table and applied directly to the body.  This method is great for anxiety or stress.
Clients can stay fully clothed or undress as per a professional massage session. Length of the session can be determined in a short consultation prior to the session.

  • 30-minute Massage $45
  • 60-minute Massage $75
  • Customized sessions available from $20-$150

Massage Upgrades

Add any of the following services to your massage to help increase relaxation, stress relief or therapeutic progression.

  • Hot Towels: $5. Help sore muscles, tense spots and stress by utilizing a moist heat through hot towels.  Arnica Oil – consultation is required to customize your session with this addition.
  • Aromatherapy: $6. Choose from our selection of essential oils and blends to enhance your massage session.
  • Sugar Foot Scrub: $8. Rejuvenate tired or sore feet with hot towels, a sugar scrub exfoliation treatment and soothing cream with massage at the end of your session.
  • Muscle Relief: $10. Work into stress and muscle tension by using  a combination of hot towels, Biofreeze and Prossage oil. Consultation is required to format session to client needs.

Massage Packages

3 Month Massage Package includes one free upgrade an extra massage for a total of 4 massages.

  • 60-minute Relaxation $200
  • 60-minute Therapeutic $245
  • 90-minute Relaxation $283
  • 90 minute Therapeutic $336

6 Month Massage Package includes 3 free upgrades and an extra massage fora total of 7 massages.

  • 60-minute Relaxation $380
  • 60-minute Therapeutic $470
  • 90-minute Relaxation $540
  • 90 minute Therapeutic $622

One Year Massage Package includes 5 upgrades free and an extra massage for a total of 13 massages!

  • 60-minute Relaxation $740
  • 60-minute Therapeutic $920
  • 90-minute Relaxation $1050
  • 90 minute Therapeutic $1216